Wednesday, 10 June 2009

DELIVER to be world class

"I spend my life in conferences and this has been one of the most inspirational I have been to in many years" - Frances Edmonds.

I prefer family funerals to weddings – you don’t have to buy a present! A wonderfully humorous and deeply reflective presentation ranged from world problems to the secret of winning the game of life - becoming and remaining world class leaders.

The secret of success, if you want to be world class is to DELIVER consistently:

= self Discipline.
= Enthusiasm - to avoid being mediocre.
= Listening to other’s needs (is the art of communication)
= Innovation
= Values - in the DNA of the team.
= Empathy, help, humanity and humour.
= Risk taking - performing outside your comfort zone.

Frances described her family commitment to social justice and service – to heroic medicine and education. However, she felt that the need to be heroic, on a daily basis, demonstrates a bad, high-pressure system. In school children need to be given the toolset for their future creativity. Respect and values are essential.

Looking at the EU, Frances described its vision to build something better – peace between nation states. Keeping a vision is a daily task and NCSL’s important vision deserves that focus and requires the management of change. Taking responsibility for actions is a key factor for wining teams - courage in adversity!

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